Kleynbos B&B
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About & History

Hans Van den Bos has been part of the Saint Martins community for the last 25 years. In this time he has witnessed many changes in the area, including many of his own.

First built in 1941, the Kleynbos Bed and Breakfast comes from humble beginnings, starting its life as a two bedroom double-brick home.

In the early 1990s Hans extended his home further along the length of the property, and then above the original structure to include a second floor. Then, in 1991, the Kleynbos Bed and Breakfast was opened. Through the years many people stayed with us, enjoying the local area and the comfort of the home-like environment.

In September 2010 the Canterbury region was struck by a 7.2M earthquake that devastated many parts of the area. This included the Kleynbos Bed and Breakfast, which was closed while the damage was assessed. During that period another major earthquake struck on February 22 2011, which struck with deadly force. Very soon after this the Kleynbos Bed and Breakfast had to begin emergency repairs to maintain the structural integrity of the second floor, which was being held up by the original brick building.

Over the next year Hans, his family, his extended family, along with the help of many contractors rebuilt the Bed and Breakfast. And on February 22 2012 we hosted our very first guests.

We are now proud to reintroduce our guests back to our Bed and Breakfast in our newly renovated environment. Reengineered and restrengthened the Kleynbos Bed and Breakfast would like to welcome everyone to our hospitality, and our home.